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Over Budget Z50 Build- Saving the Sidecovers with some JB Weld.

  So maybe not your typical 5-Minute craft, but check this out! The engine side covers on the Z50 build had some issues. Normally, I would have just left well enough alone, but... Figured it was time to try something new! Repaired a broken tab using some wire and JB Weld. GREAT stuff- have used it on lots of things with great success!!! JB Quick Weld- In other news- I may have had a *slight* fire in the shop... But I got it out, with almost no damage. Stay tuned for the full story! Oh, and here's the engine parts I bought. Points, condenser, and spark plug kit- Rings- Complete Gasket and Seal set- Carburetor- Generic bolt kit- Engine bolt kit- Check out my new shirts!!! MORE on the Z50! Unwrapping the present- First proj