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Over-budget and behind schedule... Here's some Shop Talk!

  So it's been a very fun, very full summer. And I've made good progress on the Z50 build... But. Summers over. Project's not done. And, I'm over budget. Well great. Good news is that I'm still not too deep into this bike. Bad news is, school is back in, and I'm a full time shop teacher. The first week of teaching is always a nightmare- there is no tired like first week teacher tired. I've got a few other vids in the works, but for this week, lets sit down and have a chat while I clean the workbench! Motorcycles have been my side hustle for years, and while I don't ever plan on selling this one, maybe I need to share how I make money off of them? Anyone interested in hearing those stories? Check out my new shirts!!! MORE on the Z50! Unwrapping the present- First project from the new location- Tearing the bike apart- https://you

CUSTOM paint in a rattle can!

I am a huge fan of rattle can paint jobs, but they can be a little limiting when it comes to custom colors. Not anymore!!! I found a place fairly close to me that can mix any paint code up and stuff it into a spray can! Check them out here: Superior Paint Supply Very reasonable- this can cost about $24 with tax, but price varies depending on what all goes into the can. I opted for a single stage because I never have had good luck with a top coat not peeling. What color? Porsche Mamba Green! Turned out FANTASTIC, love it! Paint code for this green is M6S. Painting is fairly straightforward- Sand all the old crap paint off, smooth it out, prime it, wet sand the primer, and then do your top coat. I ended up having to do 2 layers of primer, because the Krylon stuff I used was very runny. Lightly sanded the runs out after it had dried, gave it another light coat of primer, then on to the wet sanding. PATIENCE is key when working with

It looks like a real MOTORCYCLE!

  Kinda tempted to turn this into an electric motorcycle... but... I think we'll stick with the good ole' internal combustion engine for now! SUPER EXCITED about this vid- it FINALLY looks like a minibike! I got the hubs repaired and mounted to the rims, got the suspension bolted to the frame, and the wheels bolted to the suspension. I walk you through assembling the cheap Chinese front end, installing the rear shocks, and installing the tires! Links to parts and tools used in this video: Front Fork: Rims: Tube & Tire set: Krylon Colormaxx gold paint: Chain Tensioners: Mini Exhaust: Brake Shoe Set: Sprockets and Chain: Fuel tank: Fender Set: Front Brake Cable: Rear Shocks: Throttle

How to repair stripped threads!

  THREE easy steps to fixing a stripped bolt hole: 1. Drill 2. Tap 3. Insert, insert! Seriously, I've installed hundreds of these things. With a few very simple tricks, you can install them with ease. Once installed, hela coils, heli coils, time serts, keen serts, or whatever brand of thread insert you're using can be actually stronger than the original threads! You can find the insert kits here: Metric: Standard: BOTH sets: And the Black and Decker power tools: Drill: Cheap drill (not as good): Impact: Assorted kit: Please note that the kit comes with the lower quality drill. Otherwise, I have used the skill saw, sawzall, and flashlight a TON and they all work FANTASTIC!!! I *DO NOT* know if the kit linked avoe comes with the fast charger. Mine originally did, but I've had it for sev