Custom Handmade Vintage Style Motorcycle Parts- What do you think of my DIY number plates?!?


I've wanted to try this for a while now. How do you think it turned out?!? I think it turned out fanatastic! Love it. Going to be using this process again to make more of these! It was actually pretty easy with some basic tools. Still need to polish it up and make it shine, but you get the idea! What other parts should I custom form out of aluminum? Kinda toying with the idea of building custom fenders, but I don't have an english wheel anymore. Links to the engine parts I ended up ordering! Top End- Points, condenser, and spark plug kit- Rings- Complete Gasket and Seal set- Carburetor- Generic bolt kit- Engine bolt kit- Check out my new shirts!!! MORE on the Z50! Unwrapping the present- First project from the new location- Tearing the bike apart- Painting the first bits- Making a seat cover- Sealing a gas tank- Building the Wheels- Minibike Frame assembled- Connect with me here!


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