Shop Talk! Making custom tools to keep the wife

 So my work space right now is less than ideal. As in, I have a basement workshop. And I want to paint. And paint stinks. And my wife has a really good nose...

Enter the "gimmick" I've seen Tik Toks, reels, and videos on already... The home made air purifier! Super easy to make! If you already have a box fan, the filters should cost you less than $25!!! Does it work? Sure does!!! Links to stuff you're going to need: Filters (20" x whatever size you want)- Box Fan- Exhaust Fan- Plug- Duct Tape- Check out my new shirts!!! MORE on the Z50! Unwrapping the present- First project from the new location- Tearing the bike apart- Painting the first bits- Making a seat cover- Sealing a gas tank- Building the Wheels- Minibike Frame assembled- Connect with me here! #howto #diy #motorcycle #minibike #dirtbike #honda #Z50 #workshop #rustyphoenixmotors #rpm #handcrafted #epicfail #definitiveedition #fixed #unboxing #timelapse


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