DIY Vintage Motorcycle Restoration- It LOOKS like a bike!!!


This dirtbike is finally taking shape! Only had one minor "oops" on it this time... easily fixed with a few minutes and a couple of bolts. This "restoration" has taken too long but I'm having so much fun! Excited to see my son take it for a ride this spring! I gave up on the plan to re-use the original top end. I found a complete top end kit on Amazon. And when I say complete, I mean it! It had the cylinder, piston, head, valves, cam, all the gaskets, and everything else! I unbox it here! Let me know what you think! Link to the kit here: Here's a link to one of the most handy tools you will ever use on projects like this- an Impact Driver. And links to the engine parts I ended up ordering! Points, condenser, and spark plug kit- Rings- Complete Gasket and Seal set- Carburetor- Generic bolt kit- Engine bolt kit- Check out my new shirts!!! MORE on the Z50! Unwrapping the present- First project from the new location- Tearing the bike apart- Painting the first bits- Making a seat cover- Sealing a gas tank- Building the Wheels- Minibike Frame assembled- Connect with me here!


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